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As the story goes, music has been part of me my whole life. For over 20 years, I have had this connection with music that I was never able to explain...until I started meeting others who felt a similar connection. I was shy in school, but could come out of my shell to express myself musically. At 16, I started borrowing my sister's MacBook everyday and began exploring production through Garageband. Within the next couple years, I had concluded that music did not just have to be a small scale hobby for me. 

I have had opportunities to experience incredible things in the world of art, and meet incredible people. With that, I would like to meet you - let's write, let's record, let's make music, let's have fun, let's be a voice, let's live out this music thing. 

In studio  

my experience includes studio and live drums, guitars, keys, vocals, & writing.

Connect with me for rates and availability on collaborative or per-session projects!

Check out my Soundcloud for projects I’ve worked on, unreleased originals and covers, and random, fun beats and remixes!

at 16 i discovered garageband on my sister’s macbook. she realized later that year that i used her mac more than she did, so we traded laptops. from then on, i produced, covered, and wrote songs as much as i could. every waking moment was devoted to it. at 21, i began being approached by local artists and that’s when i realized i could do this thing for real.

6 years later: i’ve worked with a number of local artists, as well as formed relationships with some of my favorite musicians and producers. i want to pour myself into your project. whether producing your demo, or collaborating in writing, composing, or producing, i know we can make something amazing. i’m all about the creative being first. do not limit your creativity. let’s make some rad magic!

I am now a Community Producer for! If you are looking for MultiTracks for your worship service, check out my tracks, as well as so many more on!